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Legal Summer last year, the Dutch courts ruled that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 did not infringe on Apple's community designs, and as such, would not be banned from The Netherlands. This was a "quick case", and as such, Apple had the right to appeal and turn this into a "full case". Apple did, but I now think they really wish they hadn't - the Court of Appeal in The Hague has pretty much ripped Apple a new one [Dutch], and upheld the District Court's ruling.
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RE[2]: Galaxy Tab is obsolete
by WorknMan on Tue 24th Jan 2012 23:49 UTC in reply to "RE: Galaxy Tab is obsolete"
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So I guess Apple's apologists have dropped the "Apple isn't anti-competitive" claim & have switched to bragging about the effectiveness of Apple's anti-competitive tactics (also known as a "Pyrrhic victory").

I don't think that was the intent of his post. The point is that with quad core Android tablets like the Asus Transformer Prime either on shelves now or coming out soon, there really isn't a reason to consider a Tab 10.1 anymore, unless you're a fan of the Touchwiz bloatware. I think even Samsung has a successor to that product coming out in the near future.

The only advantage that the Tab had over other Android tablets was its thinness, but that is an advantage it no longer has. So while the Tab no longer being banned might be a moral victory in the 'patents are broken' crusade, it has very little relevance anymore in the tablet landscape, unless you can find one on clearance. Even still, I'd recommend going with the original Asus Transformer. It might be heavier, but it runs smoother and is much faster with updates. Plus, it has that keyboard attachment ;)

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