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Editorial Why do people troll? Can we prevent trolling or limit the damage trolls do? Here are some thoughts on trollology derived from academic studies and web research.
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Too easy?
by B. Janssen on Wed 25th Jan 2012 10:03 UTC
B. Janssen
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I can't quite put a finger on it, but there is something wrong with equating two different means because they occasionally achieve the same end.

This needs more pondering.

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RE: Too easy?
by skeezix on Wed 25th Jan 2012 16:36 in reply to "Too easy?"
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Apologies; I modded your comment up as 'funny' rather than 'insightful' -- muscle memory, I guess. Anyhow, I think I feel the same way; perhaps unintentional trolling should be responded to differently from intentional trolling. The effect of the two may be the same, sure, but I think that the remedy could be different; e.g., if I trolled you without meaning to, and you told me that you thought my comments were hurtful, I might say, 'oh! sorry, I totally wasn't thinking' rather than waxing eloquent on how you're a big baby or something.

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