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General Development "Today Mozilla and the Rust community are releasing version 0.1 of the Rust compiler and associated tools. Rust is a strongly-typed systems programming language with a focus on memory safety and concurrency. This is the initial release of the compiler after a multi-year development cycle focusing on self-hosting, implementation of major features, and solidifying the syntax. Version 0.1 should be considered an alpha release, suitable for early adopters and language enthusiasts. It's nifty, but it will still eat your laundry."
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RE[2]: What is the motivation?
by moondevil on Wed 25th Jan 2012 15:05 UTC in reply to "RE: What is the motivation?"
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"That made me wonder. Why D is not suitable?

I might be wrong about this, but aren't there some convoluted licensing issues around D that would cause problems for them? I was under the impression that, while version 1 of the D language specification is open (though the official compiler is not), version 2 wasn't. I could be wrong about this. I researched it once and I remember getting a headache trying to wrap my brain around the licensing. Anyone more knowledgeable than me on this care to clarify or correct me, please?

All those issues are long gone. There are three implementations available:

- DMD - Official one from Digital Mars
- GDC - D implementation for GCC. It will be made part of GCC official languages in the 4.7 or 4.8 release.
- LDC - LLVM backend implementation

Please note that nowadays D means D2. D1 will no longer be supported by end of 2012.

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