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Editorial Why do people troll? Can we prevent trolling or limit the damage trolls do? Here are some thoughts on trollology derived from academic studies and web research.
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"The problem with trolling is that a small minority can destroy a web site's usefulness for the majority of well-intentioned, well-behaved participants."

Yes, indeed. Generating enough noise, or even I saw a group of people being constantly repulsive to the point that every decent individual left. And it was just them back, gee what a victory.

Identity seems to filter out ALOT of unwanted activity. Enable facebook-comments and the quality of comments seem to rise quite noticably.

Yes, why are people pretensious, and unnatural? AKA lamers.

Trolls, lulz, all belong to a certain jargon I don`t use. However often I call these people lamers, provocative, pretensious.

Troll seem to be a name of scandinavian origin. I am from here, and never used it still, really. I have heard it many times though, usually by people who dont respect a democracy and freedom of religion, and cry freedom of speech, when it suits them, but whenver you disagree with them, this pride of the west, is long forgotten, and they often seek to have your comments removed, or in some way defamed, so that what you say look out of context, and support something else, or rather their statement, or make you look bad. Provocateurs on the internet, bothering people, making them react, and in turn use their posts of "proving that they are evil" is something I have often seen.

But natural reaction should ofcourse always be what is supported.

One thing these people never seem to do, is share a positive experience of life, to build networks of humans, sharing their interests peacefully. Posting from real life, sharing the best, and maybe talking about trials.

Instead they seem to disrupt human contact. Disrupt, and claim some kind of superiority, and pretty much drag the converation down to the lowest and lust.

UNFORTUNATELY I also see people doing this in forums and channels for computer enthusiasts. However they seem very unprepared, and the thought of sex lures them, into behaving irrationally, and often taking the side of the offender.

As you all know I have a religious background, and identify this as "shaytan" and has always avoided it. Here I see a big loss for the disbeliever who is not prepared, and probably driven mental, by these sociopaths.

In the end, even disbelievers seem to learn too. I guess after the sex and the other new, they kind of return to themeselves and evaluate it, and maybe feel less of importance, of the sex they offer.

And then again some don`t, and have maybe been fooled into doing so much shameful tings, that they end up being a hopping mad shaytan themselves, knowing that they would be rejected by mainstream society, and end up channeling their hatred online, and becoming the hate-inciter, and problemmaker themselves, in some kind of statement of superiority to the world, and ofcourse complete denial.


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You just look like jesus. Got a cross?

Sorry, just cant help it. This kind of discussions and posting are tempting me...

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I guess you fit exactly the descriptions of "troll". And the post was moderated down too. Yep, that happens even on OSNEWS, were you thought the level of intelligence should be too high.

But no. I guess somebody brought their fanboys, or someone is suffering dementia.

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