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Editorial Why do people troll? Can we prevent trolling or limit the damage trolls do? Here are some thoughts on trollology derived from academic studies and web research.
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You just look like jesus. Got a cross?

Sorry, just cant help it. This kind of discussions and posting are tempting me...

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I guess you fit exactly the descriptions of "troll". And the post was moderated down too. Yep, that happens even on OSNEWS, were you thought the level of intelligence should be too high.

But no. I guess somebody brought their fanboys, or someone is suffering dementia.

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Fascinating how a place as decent as Norway (and being one of most irreligious, one of most secular ones around, is certainly large part of this decency) still sometimes spawns somebody like you ...oh well, allowing such rare (a dying breed, really, at least in average decent place) instances is a necessary inconvenience / a price to pay, the best of acceptable approaches, if given place should remain decent (or if it strives to be on the road to become such)

In opening post here you write...

Trolls, lulz, all belong to a certain jargon I don`t use

Eh, how incoherent and in denial of simple facts you can be... (just a recent example: "thank you for reminding me of why it's bad idea enter into debate with anyone who thinks that "lol" is punctuation")

Enable facebook-comments and the quality of comments seem to rise quite noticably.

BTW, this one - in isolation - would make me think you are some kind of comedian ;) (albeit a quite poor / weird one...).

But even on some rare seemingly non-wacky posts - such as this recent one - you still can't help sounding a bit condescending (while essentially missing the point). Overall, it seems you have a hard time writing a post without overt insults; you are the one fairly reliably not "well-intentioned, well-behaved"; pretentious. And the way you tend to end such drivel with "Peace!" ...seriously, Orwell couldn't make this up.

PS. "Troll" (internet one) comes more from trolling for fishies, BTW, not from some ancient mythologies and religions ...but I can understand your confusion, seeing as you don't really know much about them.

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