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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu As much as I dislike Unity, I commend the Ubuntu team and Shuttleworth for having the guts to try to innovate and bring the desktop forward (pretty much the exact same can be said of KDE4 and GNOME3). Shuttleworth has just announced yet another significant change for Ubuntu, and it's all about replacing the menu with a search interface dubbed the HUD.
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Is Canonical on crack?!?
by cmost on Wed 25th Jan 2012 22:27 UTC
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After reviewing HUD and reading Canonical's plans for implementing it I have to wonder what in the world these developers are smoking. How can typing commands possibly be easier than pointing and clicking. This is a prime example of creating a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. There's a reason why menus go all the way back to Xerox's original GUI interface...they WORK! I guess Canonical won't be happy until Ubuntu loses the rest of its user base to Linux Mint and Debian.

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RE: Is Canonical on crack?!?
by dagw on Thu 26th Jan 2012 10:26 in reply to "Is Canonical on crack?!?"
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Pointing and clicking is only fast if a) you know exactly where you want to click b) the thing you want to click on isn't buried three sub-menus deep and c) your hand is already on your mouse. Otherwise typing will be quicker. Menus are great for discoverability, not necessarily for quick access. If you already know what you want typing a couple of letters will always be quicker than hunting for it in menus.

This HUD concept isn't new, several apps have used similar concepts for years and having used some of those apps personally I think it works really really well.

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Jason Bourne Member since:

a) Any computer illiterate won't know commands for an specific application - there are no 'make me bubbles...' kind of command in their menus - but technical and specific words. So if the user won't know the application, the user won't possible know even how to make bubbles out of it... How can a dumb user who barely knows what an email is, figure out what kind of words are hidden in hidden sub menus? Don't make the machine dumb-proof. Please educate people.

b) I already type too much, and I already got small synovial cysts in both hands, and I have to simmer down with typing. Now there`s this to make me type MORE? Please let Shuttleworth know that I need him to pay my medical plan.

This whole thing is like reinventing the wheel, as someone pointed out before in this thread. We DON`T need another kind of wheel. There are certain things in this world that have reached the peak of its state of art. What they want to do is to discover an algorithm that will compress WAV by 80% which is impossible to achieve with any lossless codecs.

All this talk about using the keyboard as more pratical is simply bullcrap. Come on. And it makes me feel that that guy has a huge amount of bootlickers just because of his money. His supporters are about to give their soul instead of taking one shot of criticism.

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RE: Is Canonical on crack?!?
by Soulbender on Thu 26th Jan 2012 11:06 in reply to "Is Canonical on crack?!?"
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After reviewing HUD and reading Canonical's plans for implementing it

Really? Did you read them? because if you had you'd know that it is NOT a replacement for point-n-click but for keyboard shortcuts and navigating complex menu trees.

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RE[2]: Is Canonical on crack?!?
by cmost on Thu 26th Jan 2012 22:13 in reply to "RE: Is Canonical on crack?!?"
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And because I didn't spell that out you assumed I didn't read the article? Okaaay.....

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