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Mozilla & Gecko clones VirtualBSD 9.0 is a desktop-ready FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE built around the XFCE Desktop Environment for good aesthetics and usability, and is distributed as a VMware appliance (that can also be made to work with VirtualBox) so even non techies can be up and running in minutes. The most common applications, plugins and multimedia codecs are ready since the first boot.
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RE[2]: Thank you, everyone!
by karunko on Thu 26th Jan 2012 08:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Thank you, everyone!"
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One thing I would like to submit for future consideration is adding the amount script to allow for mounting of usb devices. PCBSD9 added this capability to address the issue with Xfce 4.8 not being able to mount devices on BSDs since they dropped HAL support.

Oh, that! The good old "let's just change everything every couple of years for change's sake"? On second thought, forget that I wrote that. I have no interest in starting another flame war! ;-)

We didn't imagine many people were going to attach USB sticks/disks to VirtualBSD, but of course we can try to make the thing more or less automatic.


PS: CD/DVDs (either physical or in ISO form) on the other hand, show up on the desktop automatically. Baffling or what?

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RE[3]: Thank you, everyone!
by ramius on Thu 26th Jan 2012 13:14 in reply to "RE[2]: Thank you, everyone!"
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Thank you for the consideration ;)

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