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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Android accounted for 39% of the market in the final three months of last year, up from 29% a year earlier, Strategy Analytics said. Apple's share fell to 58% from 68%. Microsoft's share stood at 1.5%." Really now.
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Market share or sales or does it matter?
by Headrush on Thu 26th Jan 2012 12:00 UTC
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I'm always leary of what Christmas period sales mean for any product.
You have a lot of sales by 3rd parties and wonder how many products are bought vs. actually used. (which I would consider part of the market)

I've seen iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries and iPads, but I have yet to see a single Android tablet in the wild. Maybe it's just a coincidence or where I live but you'd think at "39% of the market" I would have by now.

From the last Apple financial numbers I wonder if there really is substantial competition in the tablet market, but only between Android and MS based tablets and not the iPad. For us consumers hopefully other tablet market makers target are still targeting the iPad and not just other Android tablet makers and trying to "own" that second share of the market.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

The "I haven't seen one"-arguments are meaningless. Other than my own and my parents' iPad 2 (both of which *I* bought), I have never seen an iPad in the wild. Not a single one.

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bosco_bearbank Member since:

I've seen one iPad and one Toshiba Thrive in the wild.

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When I have visitors at work who try to sell my something they often pull an iPad to do a presentation.

I have seen also some iPads outside of work, but a lot of people mention they have one.

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leos Member since:

The "I haven't seen one"-arguments are meaningless. Other than my own and my parents' iPad 2 (both of which *I* bought), I have never seen an iPad in the wild. Not a single one.

I've seen plenty. Naturally not as many as smartphones, but on a ferry, plane, coffee shops, business meetings. Many many people are taking iPads instead of laptops to meetings now. Yet to see a single Android tablet.
One playbook, but that guy was from Waterloo ;)

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broken_symlink Member since:

I see ipads all over the place at school. Ironically the only other tablet I've seen in the wild is a touchpad.

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shotsman Member since:

I invite you to travel on the 18:25 from Waterloo to Alton. I saw at least 10 iPads in use the other day.
Mind you, you will probably have to stand as far as Farnham...

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I concur, I have not seen a single ipad in the wild, so they must not be selling...

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We hosted an exchange student in our home 3 years ago, and I noticed that his laptop ran Ubuntu. You'd think if Linux was really at less than 1% of the market, that wouldn't happen.

Unless coincidences do happen, sample sets of one are irrelevant, and what you see "in the wild" is affected by the wild in which you choose to live?

(BTW, I use a work-supplied iPad while my wife uses - and uses and uses - her Kindle Fire. They are both excellent products.)

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pepa Member since:

Apparently here in Thailand, marketing is very important: I really only see iPads, no other tablets (apart from the 2 Chinese Androids I own).

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