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Windows Ars Technica has posted a lengthy article on the new promising Microsoft Command Shell. It looks at MSH from the point of view of both coders and Windows admins.
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good, "but"
by l3v1 on Mon 24th Oct 2005 09:40 UTC
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Okay, so what do we have here. A shell with a new syntax to learn, no problem. Doesn't have subtantially more juice than one of the linux/unix shells steroitized [gee, not a good day to make new words I guess ;) ] with kdialogs, still it's nice to see MS providing people with an alternative to bash-over-cygwin-with-perl-for-windows, which is my combo of choice under windows for a time now.

That said [and I'm not good for making nice statements about MS, so that was quite an achievement], what we see here is yet another very-very-very late follower effect so very typical of MS. But, in the end, it won't matter for the MS-hearted masses how or why they implemented a usable shell [finally], only that they did.

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