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Internet & Networking InfoWorld's Serdar Yegulalp takes an in-depth look at six Chromium-based spinoffs that bring privacy, security, social networking, and other interesting twists to Google's Chrome browser. 'When is it worth ditching Chrome for a Chromium-based remix? Some of the spinoffs are little better than novelties. Some have good ideas implemented in an iffy way. But a few point toward some genuinely new directions for both Chrome and other browsers.'
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RE: Comment by Drunkula
by DeadFishMan on Thu 26th Jan 2012 17:37 UTC in reply to "Comment by Drunkula"
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I can understand the multi-page paradigm that many sites now use. Luckily, however, at this time in the Infoworld articles you can click the "Print" link above the article and get it all on one page...

Or use a browser extention such as Readability (which admittedly does what it can with these multi-page fluffy sites but is not 100% reliable).

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