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Windows Ars Technica has posted a lengthy article on the new promising Microsoft Command Shell. It looks at MSH from the point of view of both coders and Windows admins.
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Not to nit-pick but...
by on Mon 24th Oct 2005 10:30 UTC

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Its almost 6am EST as I look at this article. One thing I'd like to point out is the term Linux shell technologies. I'm having a problem with that term. "Unix" shell techology, even 'shell tradition' might fit. Sh, ksh, csh are Unix shells, and have been standardized across the platforms, its simply how its been done, and how it is done. Being a Linux user of 9yrs about, I still find myself on the defensive when a comparision and if given input in said article I'd wish that alittle change in the language be made. Otherwise it sound like "Microsoft takes on the Linux commandline, lets show you how better We can do it" or something along those lines.

As for the product itself, I haven't looked at the pdf, but I have tried my hand at WMI Scripting , and its shell (I was bored and I found it while digging around) and it was horrible. I like bash, and zsh, and python, I love python, but I wouldn't use it everyday for my shell. Adding the 2 together will be klugey at best, and if MS has any hand in it, I've a feeling that I won't be impressed. However, if its intergration is sufficiant I look forward to it helping in carring out exploits on the platform. I'm a security guy whatdoyawant?

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