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Mac OS X "It's no longer possible to write a single app that takes advantage of the full range of Mac OS X features. Some APIs only work inside the Mac App Store. Others only work outside it. Presumably, this gap will widen as more new features are App Store-exclusive, while sandboxing places greater restrictions on what App Store apps are allowed to do." Anybody surprised by this, here's the clue stick. Please proceed to hit yourself with it.
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RE: Not unexpected!
by r_a_trip on Fri 27th Jan 2012 11:43 UTC in reply to "Not unexpected!"
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More and more, John Q. Public, is sick of the windows universe and see the mac as a viable alternative and for the vast majority of individuals, it is!

For now. The problem isn't that John Q. Public doesn't tinker, so the Mac platform doesn't need tinker options. The problem here is that Apple is slowly, but actively putting controls in place that puts Apple in the driver seat as the sole driver.

This is the difference between owning a car and getting a taxi. Both get you to your destination, but the car gives you full freedom to determine the way you want to get to a place, at the expense of a little personal effort. The taxi is very convenient, but you only get to state your destination and you pay handsomely for the privilege of being driven.

No matter how chushy Apple makes the vice, the moment the cushioning is unable to mask the pressure, the pinch will be felt. At what point does John Q. Public notice that they've traded one undesirable cage for another undesirable, but pretty gilded cage?

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