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Editorial Why do people troll? Can we prevent trolling or limit the damage trolls do? Here are some thoughts on trollology derived from academic studies and web research.
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Just need proper user responses
by CitrusRain on Fri 27th Jan 2012 15:29 UTC
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I have been using the perfect counter-trolling method for a while now. It works wonders.

Instead of simply "do not feed the trolls" you just have to take it one step further and Love and Tolerate the heck out of them. (with emphasis on love) You either turn their arguments into a decent conversation, or you embrace it and make small talk about how their comment has good points while still showing that you disagree with it.

Warning: link contains ponies:

They absolutely hate it. They make no progress, get bored, and leave.

Problem is... Not enough people know to do this. Not even enough bronies that you would expect to do this do this. For example: After some troll/hater couldn't make me mad by trying to stereotype me - even at moments he was right - he stopped commenting on my status, and went after someone else... who thought one of the things the guy said was a death threat. (it wasn't) EMBARASSING FLAMEWAR ENSUED.

Due to that... the next time I seen a situation was about to start another flamewar, I prevented it.

Also starved off hatred on an imageboard that I used to be a mod on by making a very very clever suggestion. Lasted a month - the admin liked the idea and never got around to implementing it. And that was on a site that has a community that's critical of EVERYTHING.

I am gooood at this, aren't I?

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