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Internet & Networking "Google's efforts to improve Internet efficiency through the development of the SPDY (pronounced 'speedy') protocol got a major boost today when the chairman of the HTTP Working Group (HTTPbis), Mark Nottingham, called for it to be included in the HTTP 2.0 standard. SPDY is a protocol that's already used to a certain degree online; formal incorporation into the next-generation standard would improve its chances of being generally adopted."
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RE[4]: no binary protocols please
by Lennie on Fri 27th Jan 2012 16:11 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: no binary protocols please"
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Did you really mean SMTP when you talked about ASN.1 ?

Because I think you are mistaken, I've never seen it in SMTP. SMTP is an example of a text protocol.

All I could find about ASN.1 is a bug in the GSSAPI (authentication) of Microsoft Exchange.

Maybe you meant SNMP ?

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"Did you really mean SMTP when you talked about ASN.1 ?"
"Maybe you meant SNMP ?"

Sometimes I'm baffled at how I write the wrong thing sometimes. Yes I wrote an SNMP client for a legacy DOS system using pascal. And I found ASN difficult to use from such a statically structured language.

I haven't read anything indicating HTTP would become binary, but if it were to be I think a simple binary name/value container would do fairly well without much trouble.

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