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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu As much as I dislike Unity, I commend the Ubuntu team and Shuttleworth for having the guts to try to innovate and bring the desktop forward (pretty much the exact same can be said of KDE4 and GNOME3). Shuttleworth has just announced yet another significant change for Ubuntu, and it's all about replacing the menu with a search interface dubbed the HUD.
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Jason Bourne
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Say what? A dumb? A dumb person?
What makes you think it would be easier for this (dumb?) person to use a deep and hard to navigate menu tree?

Well, that is why documentation is written for. Don't want to read the manual? Then please don't use your product.

You do not speak for the majority of the people.

I just may do. Just like Linus. How many people have dropped Ubuntu after the fiasco of Unity? How many people dislike GNOME Shell? You need to realize that the indicators are saying that people are withdrawing from Ubuntu. And HUD will make just that worse. The point is that is going to be too late when they realize that.

That doesn't mean we, as an industry, should not innovate new things.

Alright, but Windows XP itself is a proof that not even Microsoft could make it die, after innovating and introducing changes in their market. Yet, 2014 seems to be the last support year for XP. Originally this was planned way back in the 2000's. Simple as that. Innovation is always a risk.

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