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Windows Ars Technica has posted a lengthy article on the new promising Microsoft Command Shell. It looks at MSH from the point of view of both coders and Windows admins.
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RE[2]: from when ...
by diegocg on Mon 24th Oct 2005 11:50 UTC in reply to "RE: from when ..."
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"A shell must be standard to be useful"

Sorry, but that's not true. Standars are nice but a good shell is a GOOD shell regardless of being standard or not. Also, the sh "standard" was not "created", when sh was born there was not "standard". There's no technical reason why MSH can't become a new "standard"

Plus, there're tons of linux shells that won't work in BSDs or even between distributions. How useful are standars when you can't use your script in two different computers, which is one of the objectives of being a standard?

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