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Hardware, Embedded Systems When the Raspberry Pi ships later this year, it will be delivered to your door as a finished unit. The more adventurous tinkerers among you, as well as adept system builders, have asked the Raspberry Pi Foundation why they can’t get them in kit form instead. The reason why that wasn’t considered is demonstrated in an image released by Broadcom . . . they are tiny. And unlike a typical system build using an x86 chip that just slots into place, installing these chips requires a very steady hand and just the right amount of solder.
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RE: Having done surface mount
by Laurence on Wed 1st Feb 2012 09:18 UTC in reply to "Having done surface mount"
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Sad but good for a laugh the open sores whackjobs are already pouring out of the woodwork bitching about binary distribution and closed source stuff on them... as if that will matter to 99.99% of real people who aren't DUMB ENOUGH to drink the FSF kool-aid.

Rah, rah, rage against the man over inconsequential nonsense... again someone needs to explain "freedom" to these people.

Given that the Pi was originally intended as a cheap programmers board, you must at least see their point?

For me, as long as Linux installs (which obviously it will), I'll be happy. The fact that Arch has already been ported to it is just the icing on the cake ;)

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