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Graphics, User Interfaces This weekend at FOSDEM 2012 what Kristian Hogsberg is expected to say in Brussels will surprise many of you: Wayland 1.0 is gearing up for release as their first stable release. Wayland [a new X server for Linux] is supposed to be ready to take on the Linux desktop world.
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RE: Hope they can deliver
by tuma324 on Wed 1st Feb 2012 20:50 UTC in reply to "Hope they can deliver"
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I love this. I just hope it can deliver on its goals, which is a tear-free graphics system.

It wouldn't be fun to go through a rough phase of changes across the graphics stack, only to find nothing has changed for the better.

Also, I hope wayland will solve the problem of smooth transitions between bootsplash, login screen and desktop.

KMS already solves this, but it will be better with Wayland since Wayland actually requires KMS to work.

You also want to avoid using the crappy blobs like "nvidia" and use the open source drivers that support KMS, like Nouveau, Intel or radeon.

The open source drivers have KMS, the blobs don't.

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