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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless How many N9's did Nokia sell, and how many Lumias did Nokia sell? It's an interesting thing to ponder, because estimates by Tomi T. Ahonen seem to indicate that, despite decidedly undermarketing the thing, the N9 faired considerably better in the marketplace than the Lumia did.
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RE: Is it really true?
by Elv13 on Wed 1st Feb 2012 23:30 UTC in reply to "Is it really true?"
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It is too early. It is like changing football coach twice in a month. It make no sense. There is no way he would have time to implement his now system in that time frame. So it is actually expected that the team will lose more often for a while until the new system is implemented.

As for NOKIA, I think they are doomed and wont get the top spot back, ever. Unless Elop really mess up even more, I don't think NOKIA board will go the way of HP. But yea, now that Google own Motorola and Apple, well, Apple, Microsoft may -need- to buy NOKIA to stay relevant. Why not T-Mobile or Sprint while they are at it.

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RE[2]: Is it really true?
by glarepate on Thu 2nd Feb 2012 01:33 in reply to "RE: Is it really true?"
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I agree that it is too early to dump him. And I don't even like him. (;

Nokia did a great job bringing a handset to market in 6 months. And they are still pumping out new models.

I disagree that there is any reason for them, RIM, Sprint, or anyone else to be bought in order for the OS to succeed. Just the opposite, Apple and RIM notwithstanding.

If the OS is capable of succeeding then it doesn't need its own carrier, handset maker or other support system to become successful. It might, or might not, acquire those things through success but not as a prerequisite to success.

A synergy comes into being when two competencies catalyze each other. Not when a rocket pulls a rock into orbit.

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RE[3]: Is it really true?
by przemo_li on Thu 2nd Feb 2012 13:04 in reply to "RE[2]: Is it really true?"
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Did you read linked article?

This linked article suggest that Nokia could get + cash in Q4 instead of losses.

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