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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless How many N9's did Nokia sell, and how many Lumias did Nokia sell? It's an interesting thing to ponder, because estimates by Tomi T. Ahonen seem to indicate that, despite decidedly undermarketing the thing, the N9 faired considerably better in the marketplace than the Lumia did.
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Wow... who would have guessed that!

Oh wait... how about anyone that understands the difference between a low end phone and a high end phone?

When the Lumia 900 comes out let me know what the sales figures are like.... that is some sweet hardware with a great OS on it.

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I'm sorry, do you live in a country where Lumia 800 isn't available?

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It was released today in Norway. The N9 has been on the market longer, so the comparison is a bit flawed. (Is the 800 available in the US yet?)

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Looks like I made the mistake of supporting Windows Phone 7.

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