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In the News So, this is apparently a big thing, but because of my perpetual state of total boredom with regards to social networking, I really don't have the will to turn this into a proper item. So, here you go: Facebook is doing its IPO thing. Eh. In any case, lots of new rich people. Maybe the wealth will trickle down this time.
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RE: prediction
by jimmy1971 on Thu 2nd Feb 2012 15:25 UTC in reply to "prediction"
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My prediction is skyrocketing share price for a little while, followed by some decline and stabilization, then at pay time for the shareholders they realize that facebook is pretty much offer very little ROI everyone tries to dump it and the price tumbles.


But frankly i would love to see facebook disappear along with most other similar sites, but of that i am very doubtful as people like to share pointless crap and act out all their exhibitionist tendencies online.

I think eventually Facebook is going to die off, though the death arc will likely be too gradual and prolonged for my own liking.

The thing about Facebook that most of its members don't realize is that they're not the customers -- they're the product. They are the two-bit whores being pimped out for free to a massive marketing scheme.

Some day - and not too soon for me - Facebook will simply stop being "cool", and something else will have come along to replace it. (Hello, Myspace.) As it is, everybody's parents and grandparents are now signed up, and just about every corporation features the Facebook logo in their ads - needless to say, the "hip" factor is wearing thinner with each passing day.

What we're witnessing with the IPO is just an orgy of hype. This too shall pass.

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RE[2]: prediction
by modmans2ndcoming on Sat 4th Feb 2012 14:53 in reply to "RE: prediction"
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probably pintrest.

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