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Internet & Networking I promise we'll have more on ACTA next week, but for now, I'm too busy to properly cover the subject. In any case, the European Commission signed it today, but that means little - each individual member state's parliament still has to ratify it, and if one votes against it, it's over. The European Parliament has to accept it too - not a done deal either. My opinion on the matter is clear.
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In the last 200 hundred years we stumbled on ways to use on a mass scale essentially free energy, basically "stealing" it from the past (that's mostly where such crazy levels come from), and also from the future (by spoilage, making productivity of "future hectares" much lesser) - that's pretty much it.

Oh, and all this time it has been exploited by pretty much monopolies; with great abuses until govs - mostly do representing people in the end - stepped in ...still, we'd better settle on more sane sources (and on less waste - there's no good reason, for quite a few places on that graph, to use ~2 times more for no better effect), otherwise it might get really messy.

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