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Windows This is the kind of news just tailor-made for OSNews. After 16 years of trusty service, the venerable Windows CE will be history as far as Microsoft's mobile operating system offering goes - the next major version of Windows Phone will use the NT kernel from Windows 8. As a heavy former Windows PocketPC Mobile CE Ultimate SP2 Edition user, this makes me sad. As a fan of the NT kernel, this makes me happy.
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Unless it's a stolen video, the odds are very slim that the video's release was unauthorized. M$ was hoping the word would get out, and various sites would start chattering about whatever the latest topic was.

I think you've been played this time, Thom.

Agreed. People have been speculating on why a lot of analysts have been so bullish on Windows Phone for a few months now. Nokia itself didn't explain it. This is what a lot of them likely knew or suspected.

This leak was MSs way of saying 'This is what they knew. This is why WP8 will kick butt.'

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