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Windows This is the kind of news just tailor-made for OSNews. After 16 years of trusty service, the venerable Windows CE will be history as far as Microsoft's mobile operating system offering goes - the next major version of Windows Phone will use the NT kernel from Windows 8. As a heavy former Windows PocketPC Mobile CE Ultimate SP2 Edition user, this makes me sad. As a fan of the NT kernel, this makes me happy.
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RE: No more PowerPC?
by malxau on Fri 3rd Feb 2012 01:59 UTC in reply to "No more PowerPC?"
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I'll believe that when I see it. Every major gaming console uses PowerPC architecture, so they're going to have to port everything over if they want to use NT.

1. As others pointed out, NT has already been ported to PPC.
2. As the Xbox link points out, the Xbox doesn't need 'everything', but a surprisingly small subset.
3. MS has been porting 'everything' to ARM recently.

The real challenge in doing this is not the hardware architecture issue, but getting NT to a point where it does not become overly burdensome on a console. Consoles strive to have as low overhead as possible so games can squeeze the most out of the hardware. Phones are quite different, where (currently) many applications are written with heavyweight abstractions (Silverlight, Dalvik, WebKit, ...)

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RE[2]: No more PowerPC?
by zima on Fri 3rd Feb 2012 15:47 in reply to "RE: No more PowerPC?"
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Of note here is how Microsoft does experiment, quite successfully*, with ~"heavyweight abstractions" on their console (also on phones, with essentially the same thing) - in the form of XNA.

*sure, "serious games" don't come out of it - but a) quite a few of those indy ones are still rather nice b) it's much more decent than experiences historically given to indy devs on any other console.

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