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Slackware, Slax There are different reasons people use Unix-like operating systems, including configurable, availability free of charge, powerful command line interface an many more. Some people are motivated by the moral issue: they reject non-free software. Specifically for such users Free Software Foundation developed Guidelines for Free System Distributions and created the list of absolutely free ("as in freedom") distributions. In this article we are going to look at the most recent entry on the list - Parabola GNU/Linux.
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RE[2]: Rant
by r_a_trip on Fri 3rd Feb 2012 09:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Rant"
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I use almost only FOSS software but if someone wants to sell their closed-code for profit that's none of my business. I'll probably never buy their product in a million years but that's my choice.

But that is the point entirely. FSF is not trying to get proprietary software outlawed. It is trying to get people to see the benefits of FOSS only.

The outcome is still the same though. If the majority of consumers forego proprietary for FOSS, there won't be much of a proprietary market left.

As an aside: Distributions are free to follow the FSF guidelines or not. So all pure FOSS distro's do so of their own volition.

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RE[3]: Rant
by Soulbender on Fri 3rd Feb 2012 10:26 in reply to "RE[2]: Rant"
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Yes, this news item isn't the right venue for this discussion. Parabola doesn't seem to be part of the nut-ball brigade.

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