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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless There's an article making the rounds right now about how applications on iOS crash more often than applications on Android. I'm not going to detail the entire methodology - the article itself does so - but it does raise an interesting talking point about how both mobile operating systems handle application crashes and updates.
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I don't know about the iPhone but...
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 4th Feb 2012 05:42 UTC
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2006-12-05 Android phone (LG Optimus V) gets full system crashes (forced automatic reboots) quite frequently when running Google Maps and certain GPS applications.

I have seen a few programs crash without bring down the whole system, but sometimes it's fixed by clearing the program's data (Winamp). In other cases--the AccuWeather widgets--I just uninstalled them to get them to stop, because once they started they wouldn't quit.

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I think to a great extent it depends on one's usage patterns, as well as the limitations of the hardware.

For example, my Nook Color with Cyanogen 7 stable has app crashes on a daily basis, and system halt dialogs every so often. The crazy thing is, it's usually core Google apps that crash. I'd say Google Reader, Books and Docs are the worst offenders.

On the flipside, the iPod touch I used to own rarely suffered app crashes, and I only recall one spontaneous reboot the entire two years I owned it.

I also have a Motorola Cliq that will reboot several times a day whether it has the original Android/MotoBlur 1.5, the official 2.1 update or Cyanogen 7 installed. Obviously it's a case of buggy hardware.

So in short, I don't put a lot of faith in the "Android crashes less" claims. The true issue is that there is such a small pool of devices that run iOS and a comparatively huge selection of Android hardware out there. A few bad eggs truly can ruin a company's reputation.

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But again, as the article notes, how many times have you had the app just close without your conscious decision to exit it? Because that makes it seem like you never actually had a crash...

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