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Google "A group of European regulators has written to Google calling on it to halt the introduction of its new privacy policy, saying it needs to investigate whether the proposals sufficiently protect users' personal data." I'd rather regulators are on top of this now than when it's too late and we're all plugged into the Google Hivemind Overlord.
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RE[2]: Why?
by CapEnt on Sat 4th Feb 2012 17:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Why?"
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Google at least offer a opt-out and bother themselves to explain the changes that they made on their privacy policy.

This is already a way more then a very large amount of big online services does for its users. Indeed, sometimes they do not even notify you about the changes, use a auto opt-in policy, and automatically changes back all you privacy options that you may have made to a default one when a new feature comes out quietly.

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RE[3]: Why?
by Redeeman on Sat 4th Feb 2012 17:35 in reply to "RE[2]: Why?"
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while that is true, just because others are bigger assholes it does not justify wrong doings, even if they are not as bad.

im not saying the new privacy policy is bad or worse, just saying its no excuse that others are worse

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RE[4]: Why?
by CapEnt on Sat 4th Feb 2012 21:05 in reply to "RE[3]: Why?"
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That's true!

What is annoying me is the double standard: if you change quietly your privacy policy and never offer to your users a real fine grained opt-out page, no single government agency really cares and the issue gets confined to some few tech sites who has editor that likes privacy related issues.

But if you change your privacy policy publicly, cares to explain it, and offer your users a page to control their personal data to a rather high degree (if sided with others), you get punished with a investigation from a governmental agency and must wait for their good will.

So, EU regulators must investigate not only Google, but also Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon... and every single service with more than 5 million users. And actively punish with fines the ones that change their privacy policy without notifying their users.

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RE[3]: Why?
by jared_wilkes on Sat 4th Feb 2012 20:07 in reply to "RE[2]: Why?"
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The only opt-out being offered is to log out, which I would not characterize as an opt-out.

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