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Legal "Samsung, in its first acknowledgment of the European Commission's antitrust investigation of its patent licensing practices, Friday said it believed the commission would ultimately conclude the company complies with the rules. The investigation arose out of Samsung's dispute with Apple over trademarks and patents that cover smartphones and tablet computers."
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RE[4]: Samsung Europe
by Morty on Sun 5th Feb 2012 12:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Samsung Europe"
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it's apparently ok for Moto to use FRAND patents against Apple.

Of course it is, FRAND is not some magical get out of jail free card. They require valid licenses as all other patents, and if Apple does not have it they should get hit by lawsuits. IMHO, twice as hard with fair less legal wriggle room than in other patent cases.

FRANDs are obviously widely known in the industry, so it's not unknown to Apple and could not be the excuse. It can be cut down to two simple reasons. Apple don't want to license it and disregard other companies IP or they do not accept the FRAND terms all the other licensees of the patent agree to. Sounds like simple IP theft to me, does not matter if it's done by Apple or any other company.

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