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Windows For all intents and purposes, this is only a minor change, and were this any other operating system or graphical environment, it would never warrant an entire news item. However, we're talking Windows, the most popular desktop operating system of all time, here. After 17 years of trusty service, Microsoft has removed the Start button from the taskbar in the upcoming Consumer Preview release of Windows 8.
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I find it odd....
by SeanParsons on Sun 5th Feb 2012 22:20 UTC
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I find it odd that I seem to be in the minority that think a menu button (whether it say "start" or is just an icon) seems fairly useful on an actual desktop. I know I rarely use my menu on my desktop as I usually hit alt+F2 and type a command to launch most apps. I do have a baker's dozen worth of icons between my various panels and several of them are simply running scripts I've written to automate some of my more common tasks. Even with all that I still occasionally use my menu on Xfce as it seems like a quicker way to navigate between lots of apps than large visual menus, and it feels less obtrusive on my workflow.

I view the desktop and the tablet as separate beasts that require different interfaces. My android smartphone works well for its purposes with a touchscreen and lack of menus, but I retrieve data and consume information and media on it. Creating anything of reasonable complexity requires a keyboard and I 'feel' (I recognize that is subjective) that a trackpad is a less obtrusive and quicker to use (you don't need to leave the keyboard) to use than a touchscreen on a desktop/laptop.

As I don't ordinarily use Windows, I probably don't have any skin in the game to cry about how their interface should look. Best of luck to Redmond with their changes, I'm just glad that Olivier Fourdan seems to plan on keeping the option of a menu available on Xfce.

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RE: I find it odd....
by Tuishimi on Mon 6th Feb 2012 04:09 in reply to "I find it odd...."
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You aren't. The majority just don't post here on OS News.

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