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Windows For all intents and purposes, this is only a minor change, and were this any other operating system or graphical environment, it would never warrant an entire news item. However, we're talking Windows, the most popular desktop operating system of all time, here. After 17 years of trusty service, Microsoft has removed the Start button from the taskbar in the upcoming Consumer Preview release of Windows 8.
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RE[2]: Come on people!
by jrash on Sun 5th Feb 2012 22:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Come on people!"
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Yeah it's fine to make some changes or try new things, but to remove tried an true features and replaced them with some committee's idea of a better way is ridiculous, its like buying a car and finding out that the steering wheel has been replaced with 3 rubber knobs and one combined Gas/Break pedal.

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RE[3]: Come on people!
by 1c3d0g on Sun 5th Feb 2012 22:59 in reply to "RE[2]: Come on people!"
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Well fucking said.

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RE[3]: Come on people!
by tuma324 on Mon 6th Feb 2012 14:34 in reply to "RE[2]: Come on people!"
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It seems that Microsoft are changing things just for the sake of changing. They need an excuse for getting a new version and selling every some time.

What a lame company and "OS".

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RE[4]: Come on people!
by Cromat on Mon 6th Feb 2012 15:14 in reply to "RE[3]: Come on people!"
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I think they needed an answer in the tablet space, and this is an attempt to provide a common interface across their OS stack. I can now buy a Windows Phone, Tablet and PC have all my "apps" and the same interface on all devices. There is something to be said about a common paradigm that works on all devices. However, for us power users it doesn't make sense.

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