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Windows For all intents and purposes, this is only a minor change, and were this any other operating system or graphical environment, it would never warrant an entire news item. However, we're talking Windows, the most popular desktop operating system of all time, here. After 17 years of trusty service, Microsoft has removed the Start button from the taskbar in the upcoming Consumer Preview release of Windows 8.
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RE: Good riddance
by Yagami on Sun 5th Feb 2012 23:30 UTC in reply to "Good riddance"
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Personally, I can't stand any type of start button. I think it's because it feels like a dumping ground, where everything gets put into deeper and deeper nested menus.

As long as I'm whinging about the Windows user interface, I also hate the taskbar. The idea of having every window represented by a tiny "window" at the bottom of the screen seems silly to me.

+1 on those words !

it felt like me talking ;)

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RE[2]: Good riddance
by Tuishimi on Mon 6th Feb 2012 04:11 in reply to "RE: Good riddance"
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Every major UI has a "taskbar-like" paradigm, even if it isn't in a fixed bar at some portion of the screen. There has to be some way to "see" what apps are not active and might be hidden, and to bring focus back to them. Keyboard shortcuts are not enough, we are visual creatures.

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