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Legal It would seem that freedom of speech and the open web are in better hands in Eastern Europe than they are in Western Europe. After Poland, the Czech Republic is the second country to suspend the process of ratifying ACTA. "A wave of protests against the international agreement, including hackers' attacks, has swollen in the world as well as in the Czech Republic. 'By no means would the government admit a situation where civic freedoms and free access to information would be threatened,' [Czech PM] Necas said." Anyone from either Poland or the Czech Republic care to comment on how serious we have to take their politicians? If a Dutch or an American politician said something like this, I'd be weary and mistrusting.
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by zima on Mon 6th Feb 2012 22:32 UTC
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And here I thought I mostly wander around Central Europe... ( yes not all classifications agree, but most do; "Eastern" seems to be largely a relic of rigid Iron Curtain era polarization - the area in question, in geographic centre of Europe, is definitely distinct from what's further to the East, in the... Eastern region of the continent)

As for what it could mean - I would have to ask around about the Czech Republic myself, but in the case of Poland one might consider how the present parliamentary coalition & gov cater, in large part, also to ~younger (hence more tech-inclined) parts of the population.
And that's a coalition & gov in its 2nd term, just after completing full previous one - an unheard of thing up to now (well, at least in times after the dissolution of Soviet-backed regime). They generally enjoy quite consistent & strong support - I presume they might seriously reconsider ACTA, if the events would convince them it will be seriously harmful to that support (especially since there's one new major party around, which would readily pick up those voters)

Also, remember how both Czech Republic and Poland are two (of the relatively few) EU member states with opt-outs from parts of major EU treaties, so they are somewhat willing to push their way.

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