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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Jonathan Riddell, lead developer of the Kubuntu project and the only person paid by Canonical to work on the KDE variant of the popular distribution, has announced that after the 12.04 release, Canonical will no longer be funding him, effectively putting Kubuntu on the same level as other Ubuntu variants like Xubuntu.
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RE: That really is a shame
by butters on Tue 7th Feb 2012 15:17 UTC in reply to "That really is a shame"
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It seems like Canonical doesn't want Ubuntu to remain a GNOME distribution, either. They seem to want the whole GNOME/KDE thing to just go away. They want GTK+ and Qt applications running together seamlessly, they want to support standards, and they want their own branded user experience with the Unity shell.

I'm not a huge fan of Unity, but I do think that the increasingly desktop-agnostic direction that Canonical is taking with Ubuntu is good for Ubuntu derivatives and the Linux client ecosystem in general.

There will be better shells in the future, and they will be less complicated to develop and distribute because Canonical cleaned up the interface between the shell and the underlying application platform(s).

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lucas_maximus Member since:

SUSE devs have given up trying to port unity to their application.

My personal stance is that the patch level from Unity is very
intrusive and it's a nightmare to maintain. I wish the best of luck
for Fedora in such achievement.

Also from what I understand Unity uses compiz which is being dropped from Fedora and OpenSuse. I doubt Fedora will port it if that is the case.

Canonical hasn't really ever given much back to the Linux community in General.

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RE[3]: That really is a shame
by butters on Tue 7th Feb 2012 16:25 in reply to "RE[2]: That really is a shame"
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Yeah, I wouldn't imagine that Unity is easy to port to non-Ubuntu distros (including Debian). My point is that future shells will likely be more portable because of Unity (including its negatives).

The "shell war" will be messy in the short term because it splits a relatively thick monolithic layer into two layers along a fault line that until now had never really erupted as a de facto interface surface in the FOSS desktop stack.

But in the long run, I think we're better off with a discrete shell layer, and mailing list threads like the one above suggest that there is plenty of motivation to make this shell layer work for the FOSS community.

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I just hope Ubuntu burries Unity for good. Ubuntu 2D doesn't look as good as it used to a year back, 3D stopped working properly...Very disappointed about Ubuntu lately! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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