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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This shouldn't come as a huge surprise. Jonathan Riddell, lead developer of the Kubuntu project and the only person paid by Canonical to work on the KDE variant of the popular distribution, has announced that after the 12.04 release, Canonical will no longer be funding him, effectively putting Kubuntu on the same level as other Ubuntu variants like Xubuntu.
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- Rename Kubuntu to something else

The name was created by the original Ubuntu team before I or anyone from outside the company was involved. Coming up with a name which emphasises KDE and Ubuntu but is original and not stupid sounding is very hard.

- Ship a DVD full of applications, including out of the box integration with GTK 2 and 3.

Shipping a 700MB image is a nice limit to prevent it being too much of a burden for many to download.

- Ship all media codecs and stuff out of the box.

This will end up with Canonical staff in jail and they won't want that.

- Select the highest rated set of applications instead of K* traditional ones (eg. VLC, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox).

That defeats the purpose I had for Kubuntu.

- after that, prepare for going after Linux Mint.

Linux Mint is a derivative of Kubuntu so that won't help you

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Probably except for the LMDE

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Probably except for the LMDE

I don't believe there is a Linux Mint KDE Debian Edition.


Debian itself treats KDE like a poor second cousin. If you want a KDE distribution based on Debian, I think your viable choices are MEPIS, Kanotix, aptosid and siduction.

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I'm sorry... you're basically saying my points are not valid. Well, time to celebrate the financial cut then. I do think Ubuntu is a weird name, let alone its derivatives.

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Well, time to celebrate the financial cut then.

Do you like when other people celebrate the financial cuts that happen to you? :-|

I do think Ubuntu is a weird name, let alone its derivatives.

"Kubuntu" means "towards humanity" in Bemba, and is derived from ubuntu ("humanity").

Why is this weird? Not everyone has English as his mother language.

Isn't weirder... to have an avatar of someone that looks like he's pointing at you with a weapon... than "towards humanity"? :-|

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