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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Let this be a lesson. After posts by John Gruber and Shawn King, this happened to Violet Blue. "The misinformation gave a significant number of people fuel to stalk me, attack me for hours at a time, malign, insult me in disgusting ways, threaten me with weapon-specific violent death (an axe), and lead social media attempts to force me to lose my job over the matter. Many referenced John Gruber, and/or his post as they did this. Plans were openly made to make media to attack me - another Angry Mac Bastards podcast." Disgusting story, and sadly enough, this isn't the first time this has happened, as Blue notes in her article. I don't like talking about these matters (you don't want to know the kind of crap that gets thrown my way at times), but I can assure you my inbox has seen its share of pure vitriol after Gruber links to an OSNews piece. It ain't pretty.
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Comment by Aristocracies
by Aristocracies on Tue 7th Feb 2012 23:39 UTC
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I'm amazed people have a short term memory about Violet Blue, someone who was forcibly removed from BoingBoing due to her behavior.

This is the same person who decided to sue a porn actress who was operating under the name Violet Blue a full seven years before this 'journalist' was granted a trademark for her name:

This is also the same person who has tried to use litigation to censor her critics:

Really, if anyone bothered to read Shawn's response to this piece it really is rather straightforward:

Violet outright miscategorized someone in a rather sexist way (ironic), gets called out on it and then tries to twist this as mere Apple fanboyism in action rather than to apologize for her mistake and her lack of research. The sad thing is that there's plenty of people who just want additional validation of their opinions of anyone with an Apple product, so this is an excellent distraction from what actually happened.

As you can see right here, some folks already are taking it hook, line and sinker. This story has nothing to do with Apple fans, merely Violet not wanting to be criticized for her actions in any context.

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RE: Comment by Aristocracies
by Shkaba on Wed 8th Feb 2012 00:05 in reply to "Comment by Aristocracies"
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And just how do you envision calling out someone with a fabricated swan story?? The girl on the photo is not a developer. Never was, maybe one day she will be. What she was (on the photo), is ample chested and in a tight shirt, and a PR person. To top it all, they (shaw and the co.) didn't get her identity right. So how is this OK, and stating obvious facts (sad, ample chested, tight shirt) is not???

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So how is this OK, and stating obvious facts (sad, ample chested, tight shirt) is not???

Probably in the same way that Apple abusing vague patents = okay, and Honeywell abusing vague patents = not okay.

It's a kind of logic not everyone understands.

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Aristocracies Member since:

How do you even know this person was 'sad'? Why is it that a tight shirt automatically means someone is a 'booth babe'? How is that not sexist?

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