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Hardware, Embedded Systems Big news from the Raspberry Pi front today - they have a manufacturing date. "The boards will be finished on February 20. Eben and I may be going to China to make sure that the boards can be brought up properly for that date if necessary. We'll be airfreighting them to the UK immediately, so you should be able to buy them before the end of the month."
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by Bringbackanonposting on Wed 8th Feb 2012 03:35 UTC
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I'll buy one when they are out and have a play. I usually buy the HumbleIndyBundles to support the Linux?OSS communities. Will do the same with RasPie this even though I haven't got a real use for it (yet)[shrug].

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by lemur2 on Wed 8th Feb 2012 04:01 in reply to "Comment Title"
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Install a Linux mini-server OS on an SD card, Something like this would fit the bill:

Yes, it can be had or zero cost.

Then plug in an ethernet network cable to your router, and also a external portable hard disk to a USB port or even better, a Sata port.

Spend a moment setting your router to give this device a fixed IP address on your LAN (normally done via specifying the MAC address of the device), and also setting up accounts on the server via the zentyal web interface, and hey presto ... a small group server for, say, $125 outlay.

It would do as a very inexpensive file server, email server, groupware server and print queue server for a small group of client machines.

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