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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "People who have the latest Symbian Nokia smartphones can now update them to Nokia Belle - bringing a fresh look to their screens thanks to the latest user interface. Once you have installed Nokia Belle you will still have the same phone, but it will feel like new, with improved performance." Love the version name.
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Comment by frostbyte
by frostbyte on Wed 8th Feb 2012 05:57 UTC
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Nice to see Nokia still "looking after" the dinosaur in the room that is Symbian, but can't help but feel sorry for a) the devs in the Symbian arm of Nokia, b) the owners of Symbian/Maemo/Meego devices -- yours truly included. Ah, the great times we once had...

Oh, and hi everyone on OSNews, a great website you have here!

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RE: Comment by frostbyte
by leech on Wed 8th Feb 2012 06:25 in reply to "Comment by frostbyte"
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I hear ya. I started getting Nokia phones with the N900, and waited and paid out the yang for the N9 64GB. Love the phones.

Hopefully there is a chance with the Lumia so far doing worse than the N9 in sales, that someone somewhere will finally pull their heads out of their butts and go back to their plan of having MeeGo on the higher end devices and Symbian on the lower end devices. They were so close to such an epic break through, then panicked at the last minute and went with Windows Phone of all things...

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RE[2]: Comment by frostbyte
by cdude on Wed 8th Feb 2012 10:24 in reply to "RE: Comment by frostbyte"
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I doubt Nokia still has the power to come out of the hole they got into with Elop.

Fact is that both, Symbian and MeeGo, are selling way better then there Phone 7 does and yet both platforms are official announced as dead by Nokia's Elop.

Since he did so Nokia lost half of it's value in just a few months and since then they went from from a high profit to a deep lose. The Elop-effect[1] is very effective and it will take them years to recover. Years the competition will use to move forward.


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