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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "People who have the latest Symbian Nokia smartphones can now update them to Nokia Belle - bringing a fresh look to their screens thanks to the latest user interface. Once you have installed Nokia Belle you will still have the same phone, but it will feel like new, with improved performance." Love the version name.
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RE: Comment by frostbyte
by kaiwai on Wed 8th Feb 2012 14:13 UTC in reply to "Comment by frostbyte"
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There are leaked photos of a future Symbian phone which looks exactly like the Lumia 800 which in turn looks like the N9 - I wonder if Nokia will standardise on the same hardware across the board and the only differentiating being the operating system itself. If that is the future then it really opens up the question whether there is the possibility of being able to upgrade from one operating system to another - for example, to go from Windows Phone 7.5 to Meego then to Symbian then back to Meego again.

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RE[2]: Comment by frostbyte
by zima on Wed 8th Feb 2012 16:00 in reply to "RE: Comment by frostbyte"
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And then there are some leaked photos of supposed Android N9-lookalike; it doesn't have to mean much, maybe at most just that this design is all the rage nowadays inside Nokia (and rightfully so)

Anyway, last I checked - at the very least WP had strict hw guidelines which included ARM Cortex, while all Symbian phones use previous-gen ARM11 (and I imagine it could require some work to "port" it over - which might be seen as too much work, with dubious utility...); generally, the hw is quite different, a lower cost one was a supposed advantage of Symbian (...and nobody really expects or demands such OS portability)

Nokia might very well standardise on the same hardware across the board (well, so called "smartphone" board at least), but I guess it would likely mean all other platforms were simply retired.

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