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ReactOS Oh ReactOS. This project has been with us for a very long time now, and since day one, I never really knew what to think of it. They always seem to be running at least 300 miles behind the Win32 bandwagon, but what they've accomplished so far is insanely impressive nonetheless. This new release comes with quite a lot of new stuff.
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RE: Why?
by bebop on Thu 9th Feb 2012 02:33 UTC in reply to "Why?"
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Why would you come to a site that's main purpose is to talk about operating systems (alternatives in particular) and then ask why we are talking about an operating system?

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RE[2]: Why?
by zima on Tue 14th Feb 2012 23:45 in reply to "RE: Why?"
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I don't think he really asked that - more like wondered what's the point of that particular project (which falls under "talking about an OS"), a perfectly valid question and to which answers seem to be... vague.

Anyway, in regards to "a site that's main purpose is to talk about operating systems (alternatives in particular)" ...I don't know, have you seen the main page lately, how many news are about alternative OS in particular? (note I don't count Android, or Linux in general, as such)
Indy OS scene seems mostly dead ...seems it was a relatively short burst before people gave up / fully accepted the field is largely delineated already / it got boring.

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