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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Ever since my Android review, I've been looking for a different launcher for my Galaxy SII. I wanted something closer to the stock Android launcher to replace TouchWiz, without actually having to install CyanogenMod (I'm waiting for the ICS-based version 9 before taking that plunge). I finally found one I'm happy with: the extremely basic and light FTL (Faster Than Light) Launcher.
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RE[6]: cm9
by Drantin on Sun 12th Feb 2012 19:18 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: cm9"
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They allow you to image your entire OS and store it on the SD card, all from the boot manager.

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RE[7]: cm9
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 12th Feb 2012 19:41 in reply to "RE[6]: cm9"
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Pretty cool, I have the full version installed. So I guess I could just download the test CM9 image for the SII and get cracking?

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RE[8]: cm9
by glarepate on Sun 12th Feb 2012 19:49 in reply to "RE[7]: cm9"
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Yes, you can do full image backups with either of those recovery tools.

Just the same it is a good idea to check the fora/forums and see if there are recommendations for or against either one and any known issues.

My phone is known to have problems with ROM Manager but works great with Clockworkmod. YMMV with a different handset.

Good to see that you already have Titanium Backup.

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RE[8]: cm9
by _txf_ on Sun 12th Feb 2012 20:35 in reply to "RE[7]: cm9"
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afaik you probably have to download a compiled image from xda. CM isn't currently compiling nightlies of CM9. Most of the time you just have to get a zip with image and choose to install a zip from the sd card. Note that many ship gapps separately, so you have to get the gapps zip too (and flash it after the main image).

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RE[8]: cm9
by Drantin on Sun 12th Feb 2012 21:58 in reply to "RE[7]: cm9"
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If Rom Manager says you have the latest ClockworkMod installed, just go ahead and either a) reboot and hold down Vol+, or b) from inside Rom Manager tell it to reboot into ClockworkMod.

From in there, you can tell it to backup everything. Once you've done that, you should be good to go with experimenting with new ROMs.

If you want, you can review the screenshots and video on the market page, too.

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