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Apple Today Samsung AV product lead Chris Moseley had comments about Apple's rumored entrance into the television marketplace that sound eerily similar to that which Palm CEO Ed Colligan's said a few years back about how Apple's ability to simply walk into this market and figure it out like they had managed to do after years of research.
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I agree with you. I think what the TV market needs for "future proofness" might be to have a general-purpose computer built in and a relatively open "app store" model that allows 3rd party developers to provide various services and customizations of the user experience. Unfortunately, broadcast TV is still going to be king, so unless Apple can work out some kind of partnership with, for example, a satellite provider to provide the raw feed of broadcast TV, in much the same way that they "dumb piped" AT&T with the iPhone, then their TV strategy is going nowhere.

But it would be cool if they could figure out a way to replace the interchangable set-top box model of today with a software-based ecosystem.

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I wouldn't hold my breath on Apple providing an open anough "app store" model that other actors would do as they please with it.

Some examples of stuff which I wouldn't see Apple allowing :
-Any kind of adult content
-News that do not praise Apple and Apple products
-Anything that resembles or replaces Apple-provided functionality, even if it does it better

But I may be overly negative on those matters.

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