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Apple Today Samsung AV product lead Chris Moseley had comments about Apple's rumored entrance into the television marketplace that sound eerily similar to that which Palm CEO Ed Colligan's said a few years back about how Apple's ability to simply walk into this market and figure it out like they had managed to do after years of research.
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I would argue that Wi-Fi is not a future-proof way to transmit video streams in itself. It all depends on which protocol is used over the Wi-Fi connexion.

If a wifi connexion is used to exchange traffic using a proprietary encrypted protocols whose keys remain the property of Apple (think Airplay), then the system is not future proof because it relies on the good will of a single market actor : if Apple go bust or batshit insane, your TV becomes useless unless you are able to break through the protocol's vendor lock-in.

To the contrary, if one uses a protocol controlled by a relatively independent standard organization, supported by most major TV manufacturers, and whose spec is available for a reasonable price under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory licensing terms (think DLNA), then an acceptable level of future-proofness may be reached.

(Well, as far as I'm concerned, the ideal situations would be if the spec was also free for non-commercial use, since not everyone has the industrial budget of $10000/yr that DLNA membership costs, but one can always dream...)

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