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Windows Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing - one of the best Windows blogs on the web - has a very interesting item up about a certain bit of behaviour in Windows 95 I was unaware of. Basically, there's a neat little trick where you can close and move the Start button. It wasn't a feature, but a bug.
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We used to that...
by BeOSJim on Wed 15th Feb 2012 19:50 UTC
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I used to be in Windows 95+NT4 tech support (I left MS Tech Support running Linux and BeOS on my systems..)

We used to do that, change the boot and shudown screens so that when it booted up, the screen would display that it was safe to turn off your computer. We would take a screenshot of the desktop and then hide the taskbar. Create a wallpaper with hundreds of overlapping shortcuts, etc. ----- All to mess with the new trainees in the classrooms. It was actually kind of fun.

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RE: We used to that...
by zima on Wed 22nd Feb 2012 23:56 in reply to "We used to that..."
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Not a very good tech support, I wager... and let me guess, you used "problems" to convince some of those people that BeOS and Linux are so much better than Windows?

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