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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu It looks like a new "locally integrated menu" will make it into Unity, starting with version 5.6.0. There's basically no information about the new locally integrated menubar, except for two bug reports which link to some custom Unity, Compiz, Metacity and Light Themes branches so to see "LIM" in action, I've compiled all these branches and here's the result. The "locally integrated menubar" can be displayed on the panel (for maximized windows) as well as in the window decoration (unmaximized windows). But it's not displayed on both in the same time.
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RE[3]: Quo Vadis, Canonical?
by ricegf on Thu 16th Feb 2012 12:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Quo Vadis, Canonical?"
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That would be transparent and all, and a Very Good Idea IMHO.

The only reason I can imagine off-hand for not publicly showing a clear road map would be to avoid giving too much competitive warning to certain corporations with a reputation for poaching technology.

(Unity debuted on June 9, 2010, while Metro on Windows should launch sometime in 2012 according to Mr. Ballmer's infamous slip of the tongue - somewhat after the Long Term Support version of Unity ships this April.)

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