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Google Forget patent trolling - Android's biggest weakness, and most daunting obstacle to overcome, is its complete and utter lack of updates. Motorola has detailed its upgrade plans for Ice Cream Sandwich - and it ain't good. If the company Google just bought can't even update its phones properly, what can we expect from the rest?
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From the 700000 (or whatever many fart apps there are) apps you can't run what? Chrome and a handful of other apps?
Like I said no normal person gives a shit, because they are very unlikely to ever hear about those. Geeky people will go crazy and write bad stuff on the intertubes, but they are not the majority .. sadly ;-)

How about developers writing Android apps. It's frustrating being, lots of the time, limited to Android 2.1-2.2 for all intents and purposes... Gingerbread is getting onmore and more devices, but anything developed with something post 2.1 in mind is going to be niche. To reach wide numbers on Android means looking at all the sweet stuff Google release in new updates and keep coding with much older stuff.

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