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Mac OS X Well, this is a surprise. Several websites have a preview up of Apple's next Mac OS X release - it's called Mountain Lion, and continues the trend of bringing over functionality from iOS to Mac OS X. Lots of cool stuff in here we've all seen before on iPhones and iPads, including one very, very controversial feature: Gatekeeper. Starting with Mac OS X 10.8, Apple's desktop operating system will be restricted to Mac App Store and Apple-signed applications by default (with an opt-out switch), following in Windows 8's footsteps.
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I'm happier than ever...
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 16th Feb 2012 22:37 UTC
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...that I never broke down and bought a Mac. It was tempting, but at this point... they're just locking down an already severely locked-down OS... even more. It was bad enough that you couldn't easily install Mac OS X on generic x86 hardware, and you were on a forced OS upgrade cycle that was made worse by pretty much all Mac applications being developed and compatible only on one or two recent Mac OS X versions.

Want Application A version 1? Tough, you're stuck with an OS X version 1. Want the all-new Application A version 2? Get the latest OS version 2. But do you want to run Application B, which is not available for the latest and greatest OS version 2? Well... tough, you're stuck with the older OS X and the older version of Application A if you want to continue running Application B. Now eliminate all non-Apple-signed binaries and picture is complete. Mac OS X is officially no longer of use at all and is even more of a massive pain in the ass.

I'm really surprised it took Apple this long to do this though, since they're such control freaks. I guess they've just been too busy suing everybody for the dumbest reasons/patents to actually do any real development work. Or they've been in secret talks with Microsoft to see if they would do the same, because if they didn't, Apple knew that if they were the only ones to do this it would begin their death.

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RE: I'm happier than ever...
by brichpmr on Sun 19th Feb 2012 15:44 in reply to "I'm happier than ever..."
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You speak from a position of uninformed ignorance, by your own admission.....sad that.

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