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Windows As you all know, Windows 8 will be the first release of Windows NT which supports the ARM architecture. Microsoft hasn't been particularly forthcoming about this new Windows variant, but that's changing today. The company has posted a long and in-depth blog post about Windows 8 on ARM.
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RE: D'oh!
by zima on Fri 17th Feb 2012 23:15 UTC in reply to "D'oh!"
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It has very unfamiliar, awkward, counter-intuitive, Fisher-Price-like UI which makes it unusable.
Thus, no matter what HW platform it will run on - that's just not gonna work for most of users.
Of course Microsoft will try to force it down the users throats [it's hard to buy hardware without Windos these days], but I don't think it's gonna work this time.
I mean, this is a HUGE change, not just a small one. They expect people to go from regular desktop to some new, untested environment [...] Sure, other operating systems do some major changes as well, but it's never THAT radical

Fairly similar things were said about "fisher price" XP (even it wasn't such a radical change); they could have been easily said about win3.x or win95 (DOS all the way!), about Windows UI in general. And yet here we are...

Thing is, with how many new users the PC (mostly Windows, mostly XP) amassed over the last decade+ - for majority of them XP UI very much was "a HUGE change, not just a small one" - going from no desktop to some new, very unfamiliar (to them), awkward ...counter-intuitive?
Well, the way many people seem to struggle with using PCs, maybe the UI doesn't work very well at all.

Also ("untested"), MS does plenty of usability testing (but you're a serious grownup man, none of that childish nonsense...)

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