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Privacy, Security, Encryption Well, paint me red and call me a girl scout: Facebook, Google, and several other advertising networks are using a loophole to make sure third party cookies could still be installed on Safari and Mobile Safari, even though those two browsers technically shouldn't allow such cookies. Google has already ceased the practice, and in fact, closed the loophole in WebKit itself months ago.
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RE[2]: Apple is the issue
by darknexus on Sat 18th Feb 2012 18:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Apple is the issue"
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Wait, so it's Apple's fault that Google and FB purposely and willfully circumvented controls in Safari and said "F U" to the millions of Safari users privacy concerns so that they could continue to make money? Really?

No, but it is Apple's fault that this security hole still exists in Safari when it has been fixed in the Webkit source months ago. They're all pricks: Google and Facebook for giving us the finger where our privacy is concerned (though surely people aren't actually surprised by that), and Apple for failing to keep their version of Webkit patched and in better sync with the current source tree. The real question is, now that this is out in the open, will Apple patch it promptly?

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