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Window Managers After six years, development on Window Maker has picked up again. Other than mere bug fixes, the two new releases (so far) also include lots of code cleanup and, yes, new features as well. Welcome back!
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RE: Minimize/Maximize Buttons?
by darseex on Sun 19th Feb 2012 09:39 UTC in reply to "Minimize/Maximize Buttons?"
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As far as I know, you just click the square on the left and it docks the window. Or... turns it into a mini-window, or.. whatever. I'm not an expert. I tried it for two minutes back in 2003, hated it (I was coming fresh from Windows), and am only just now trying it again.

Maximizing... that's trickier. You have to right-click on the title bar to get to that.

Honestly though, Window Maker doesn't seem to play very well with maximized windows. I mean yeah, it works, but it covers up the icons at the bottom by default.

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