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Internet & Networking "The federal government has been paying lip service to the idea that it wants to encourage new businesses and startups in the US. And this is truly important to the economy, as studies have shown that almost all of the net job growth in this country is coming from internet startups. Thankfully some politicians recognize this, but the federal government seems to be going in the other direction. With the JotForm situation unfolding, where the US government shut down an entire website with no notice or explanation, people are beginning to recognize that the US is not safe for internet startups." Not an issue today per se, but if the US government keeps this up, they do run a risk of lobotomising their technology sector.
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by WorknMan on Sun 19th Feb 2012 20:44 UTC
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Since the site has now been restored, this is probably gonna be better for Jotform in the end; a whole lot of people (like me) who had never heard of Jotform are going to know about them now.

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by TechGeek on Sun 19th Feb 2012 22:25 in reply to "BTW"
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Well that's great for you. But all the customers whose code broke because of this are pissed as hell. What good is it to get 10K new customers at the cost of 50K who leave. And bad remarks are far more damaging to most companies than praise.

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